Incorporating visual elements into a paper can be a challenge to make it more impactful and make it stand out from the rest. Check out what can we do:

An engaging short animated video that summarizes the major aspects of the entire paper:
– The overall purpose of the study.
– The basic design of the study.
– Major findings or trends found as a result of your analysis.

Detailed and accurate illustrations, without overlooking the visual aesthetic quality, and suitable for both print and digital reproduction.
-Accurate renderings of scientific subjects.
-Computer graphics (charts, graphs and diagrams).

Visually engaging representations of a scientific work can reach thousands of online views and attract a much wider audience than a non-illustrated paper, that is particularly useful for researchers whose grant applications or funding proposals require them to show a high impact component. They are also more likely to be written about and shared digitally, helping to raise the visibility of any scientist’s work, attract more students a lab, boost career standing and improve chances of garnering funding.

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